Curse of Strahd

Out of the House

Let's just Stand Around with Ireena

After our heroes made their escape from the house, two Vampire Spawn twin sisters showed up to greet them. Mel and Harm just wanted to play, and partook in some contests with the adventurers. There were arm wrestling contests, back flip contests, a dancing contest, and quite a bit more. Our paladin was even nice enough to teach Mel how to write and solve logic puzzles, while grilling her for information. Harm on the other hand was a bit noisier, she took an interest in the weird demon creature (Tiefling Sorcerer) and ended up biting him twice. She also got hit in the head with a quarterstaff and punched in the face. Eventually the pair departed with little struggle, proclaiming that soon their Master would come to play too. With their retreat, the fog receded, allowing the party access to the rest of Barovia.
First stop, the general goods store to sell acquired loot and to purchase a map. A very nice map I might add. However the map is incomplete, and the shop keep has promised to refund some of their money if they bring it back to him in tact and with more information on it. After that they headed towards the sound of sobbing that they had heard when they first entered town. They found a small house with the first floor abandoned, but the second floor well lived in. There was a woman on the floor crying, clutching a child’s doll. They gently questioned her and found out her name was Mary, and her child Gertruda had gone missing. Gertruda had never been allowed to leave the house before, and now Mary thinks Strahd has her and is going to do horrible things to her. The group promises Mary that they will try to find her daughter and bring her home. Next, investigating the letter from the Burgomeister they found on the side of the road on their way into Barovia. At the Burgomeister’s house they found evidence of it being under siege for many nights, and the young Ireena inside refused to open the door until her brother Ismark came home. The party found Ismark in the tavern, learned that Strahd was after Ireena, and promised to help Ismark get Ireena to Vallaki. Ireena refused to leave with them until her father had been buried. And so the party went to the church, heard an unearthly scream coming from the basement, and went to bury the body in the cemetery without blessings from the priest. Ireena was not happy about that, so the Paladin went back once the grave was dug and retrieved the Priest Donavich to say a few words. After the funeral rights had been spoken, Donavich asked the party to take Ireena away from the village, claiming she would be safe at the Abbey of Saint Markovia in Krezk, as far away from the Castle Ravenloft as possible. The party smiles and nods, but decides to take her to Vallaki first and see if she will be safe there before going to Krezk. They ask Donovich about the scream coming from the basement of the church and learn that it came from Donovich’s son, who was turned into a vampire spawn by Strahd. Donovich is currently looking for a cure, and asked the party to inform him if they find any information on curing vampirism.
Our heroes then leave the church grounds, and head towards the exit of the village. Creaky wagon wheels catch their attention and they follow them to find Morgantha selling her Dream Pastries. A few party members buy some. As they turn to leave, they hear a scream as Morgantha has taken a child as payment when a family could not pay. The party pays the families debt and frees the child from Morgantha. A few party members want to go shopping after this event, but the Paladin gets super angry with them. And I paraphrase: “OH YEAH, LETS JUST STAND AROUND HERE WITH THE ONE THING WE KNOW THE BIG BAD GUY IN CHARGE WANTS. WITH NO RESIDENCE PROTECTION OR ANYTHING. I’M SURE THAT WILL TURN OUT JUST GREAT.” This goes on for a while, but everyone is eventually forced to see it his way.
With that resolved, the party travels away from the Village of Barovia and towards Vallaki. On the road they meet and fight a skeletal horse and his rider, they find a bundle of discarded Barovian common clothes, and finally set up camp on the road once it gets dark. During the night the second shift sees a dark figure in the trees, launches a spear at it, and drops them. The person is retrieved, found to be a Vistani spy. She is stripped of her belonging, gagged, and a cloth is put over her face so she is essentially blinded. They interrogate her to discover that nothing she says can be trusted, but what she said is that she works for Strahd, he allows her to leave Barovia, her name is June, and that she knows no fun jokes. However, during the third watch, another person came in and got June, and all her belongings out. The Paladin (who had seen, taken down, and interrogated June) was not happy.
In the morning, the party packed up their things and continued on their journey, thankful that Ireena had not been taken in the night. As they traveled, they came upon two villagers headed towards them, they exchanged pleasantries before passing. However, as the party turned their backs on the newcomers, they heard a growl as the two transformed into werewolfs. Readying their silvered weapons, the group of adventurers readied themselves for a fight.

Do they have enough silver to combat these creatures?


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